Genius-Field is a world wide organization which runs various aspects of high tech development. Our target is to enlighten you and the entire world. You can find us in the every corner of the world but you never notice we exist. In fact, we do exist but we currently remain undercover. We have been and may be still hidden for the next several decades or centuries in order to protect our ideas and technologies being stolen or misused. All you can see about us in your real world is just ostensible and it is not even close to what we are actually doing.

We have two categories of employees. One is strictly undercover. They do observations, analyses and run operations. They may be your parents, your friends, doctors, teachers, presidents or even prisoners. You never know who is one of them and what they are doing. However, the other kind of employees is visible to all of you. They are the connection between Genius-Field and humans. You may find them in your office, neighborhood or campus.

Here are some statistics about Genius-Field:
There are total of unknown employees working for Genius-Field.
There are 4 active and 29 inactive unclassified projects.
There are unknown active and unknown inactive classified projects.
We have 2 representative offices and unknown labs.
Unknown means you have no access to that information.

Although we have a large number of employees all around the world, we are still recruiting. We accept applications for the second category employment whereas we do NOT accept self nominations for the first category. If you are qualified as the first category member, we will reach you at some time. If you would like to apply for the second category member, you need to find a way to us.