Bingo Retirement

We created Bingo one and half a year ago, and it benefits many people. We designed the program ethically so that either Google or Bing got searching data fairly. However, due to legal issues, we have to retire this extension entirely. Bingo will be removed from Chrome Web Store from Jan.1, 2014. If you are a current user, please remove it from the extension panel by then.

We are so sorry that we have to remove this plugin. We hope Google and Bing provide better and better search experience in the future.

Finally, let’s take a vote.

What will you do after Bingo retires?

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20 Responses to Bingo Retirement

  1. CG says:

    Retire? Hah! I’ll just patch it so it keeps working…

  2. M P says:

    Could you please publish the source code somewhere so that some people can still keep using it?

  3. Reyas says:

    So I never had this plugin but suddenly all my computers got a message about this today…

    What the hell?

  4. stemsmit says:

    More details on the legal issues you faced? Did Microsoft contact you threatening a lawsuit?

  5. 0kambb says:

    Sad to hear that. I hope that some smart ppl can find ways to install bingo back to Google Chrome.

    Did you face lawsuit threatening from Microsoft?

    Your addon extension is rock. I love it so much. I hope you can create some other goods one in the future.

    • Hennessy says:
      Try this. Instructions and download. Tell me if it work or not.

      • 0kambb says:

        Now it is worked, but I think Google is going to shut down this method of installing of extension too in new Google Chrome. I heard that from Youtube Option extension, spoi, one of the extensions is going to shut down due to new Google policy.

        I think the author of Bingo shouldn’t give up the project. There is a extension called tamper monkey, which still allow people run 3rd party script.

  6. kirps says:

    Someone smart should make this into a userscript instead of a plugin.

  7. atl says:

    Are we sure that this extension retiring means it will no longer work??

    I mean…they asked us to uninstall it by Jan 1st. They never said it would no longer work on Jan 1st.

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