Spread Your Kindness to the World

Updates: You can reactivate the extension in the options page for version 2.1.4 and later. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

You may use Bingo for free. Yes, it’s true. We even don’t put a single advertisement in the extension and we also do not accept donations even though some users would like to donate. Why are we doing this? The reason is simple. We want to benefit others. However, when you receive benefits from others, will you consider to help other people without return? Actually, a lot of people out there need your help.

Bingo is scheduled to stop working from March 4, 2013 and it will resume service on March 11, 2013. This act is intentional. During this seven-day period, we would like to invite you to think about how you can help other people. Genius-Field urges you to do some charitable things to the world. If you got Bing Rewards and wanted to say thank you to us, here is your chance. Spread your kindness!

In addition, if you want to share with us what good things you have done, you may be rewarded even more. Do not think your little action is not worth mentioning. Feel free to send us your essay, journal, poster, album or even a single picture. At the end of March, 2013, we will select three winners and the prizes are as follows.

  • 1st Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd Prize: $30 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd Prize: $20 Amazon Gift Card

We set these prizes merely as an incentive for you to act but you should not be driven only because of the awards. Please remember, our purpose is to remind you that many people need your help and you are important to them. Winners are also encouraged to donate the prize to the charity.

If you have any concerns, please leave comments below.

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22 Responses to Spread Your Kindness to the World

  1. Hmm says:

    Find 2.1.2 folder, turn on Chrome dev mode, load unpacked extension.

    Fuck your “penance” period.

    • Hmm2 says:


      While the message is right, I feel the approach is not the best. I would have liked a way to re-enable the extension if I really wanted to, even if it was hidden inside the blog post to force people to read it.

    • om says:

      Hey how did u get to that folder 2.1.2 and how do you turn on the chrome dev mode?

      • TheAce says:

        On the extensions page there is a checkbox in the top right that says developer mode. Check that box. Find the folder where the extension is installed and use the 2.1.2 version. I’m currently on a mac so I’m not sure were the applications folder is on PC. but if you can’t find it just use these. Make sure they are all in the same folder. Once you have the folder just load it but clicking the load unpacked extension button on the extensions page.

    • Shanix says:

      Explain further please?

    • Steven says:

      I respect this highly, and the people that do not, simply ignore. They do not deserve even a simple response.

  2. Cory says:

    I think a penance period is perfectly fine. Losing 7 days of rewards isn’t the end of the world. But I do agree that there should be a way to reactivate it. How about if you share what you did to make the world a better place it will be reactivated?

  3. Nakki says:

    ….I really greatly dislike that you called it “penance”. I’m not christian and I don’t appreciate being told I have to conform to christian ideals just to use a chrome extension.

    I don’t mind giving back, but I do that in other ways then using bing of all things.

  4. TheAce says:

    Yeah, no. I can see that you want people to do stuff, but disabling an extension that many people use is not the way to do it. If there were other extensions that did the same thing, but were made by other developers, I would use them instead. When I download something I expect it to work. Having a redirect to here is fine, but don’t disable something I use everyday. I gave the extension a 1 star when it would otherwise be a 5, because of this.

  5. David Emswiler says:

    First I also don’t like the word penance, and feel that your forcing us to be repentant for using your app is your atonement because you feel some sort of remorse for creating it. Penance is a voluntary asking of forgiveness for sins, known and unknown, by a person, which is one reason I stopped going to church, they try to force you by requirements, and subtle innuendos. My “charitable” acts will not start or stop because of whether I use your app, or not.
    I agree with others that this may have been the wrong way to proceed with this, but it’s your app, and it’s up to you to do as you feel is needed. I just think that maybe a pause, put a note that to restart you need to read the blog post, and do some small action, like comment to acknowledge it, or click some sort of link to click at the end so you show you have actually read it.
    I am sending an email with my response to your blog post, and it’s not an attack against you, as this also is not an attack, just an opinion of my feeling. In fact the email is more in the vein of your intent with this action, then most of the reactions that I am sure will be posted here.

  6. Kindness Spreader says:

    For my kindness I will teach you how to remove this extension’s unkindness, and forceful disabling. Here is how to “fix” it on a Mac:

    1. Go to the extensions window in Chrome (Window > Extensions)
    2. Enable developer mode
    3. Copy the “ID” of the app “Bingo.” It will be a long 30ish character alpha-numeric ID.
    4. In Finder click “Go” and then “Go to Folder”
    5. Type in: ~/Library
    6. From here navigate to Application Support > Google > Chrome > Default > Extensions
    7. Search this folder (by default it will search everything, so change it to this folder) for that ID you copied in step 3.
    8. Go into that folder
    9. Copy the contents of the folder 2.1.3_0
    10. Go back into 2.1.2_0 and paste those contents, replace all files.
    11. Restart Chrome.
    12. ????
    13. Profit!

    • Kindness Spreader says:

      Oh crap. I have step 9 and 10 backwards. Do this, not what that says:

      9. Copy the contents of the folder 2.1.2_0
      10. Go back into 2.1.3_0 and paste those contents, replace all files.

  7. Nathan Pelzel says:

    Right on guys! Really appreciate what you’re doing. Our new web design firm is in the process of selecting a company to give a free website to. Looks like it will end up being for an orphanage in Honduras.

    If you’re really that bent out of shape for a week’s worth of rewards, just use bing instead of complaining about genius-field’s diction and telling them how to write their own software.

  8. Karan says:

    I’m with everyone else. Appreciate the gesture but you’re going about it the wrong way. Cancer awareness doesn’t mean shops and businesses should close for that week. Just putting a message out there is enough, you can’t force people.

    Also, not into the whole penance thing. You don’t need to be Christian or even religious to be charitable.

    Anyone have any alternates to this extension?

  9. Zach says:

    How dare you Genius-Field, how dare you take away from me one week of the use of your app which makes it easier for me to earn internet points! Those internet points could be worth as much as $1.11 to me! I could go earn those points without your help, with relatively minimal effort, but that is not the point!

    And for what? To help other people? To make others’ lives better? I don’t think that I should have to work to spread kindness and happiness when I have been perfectly fine being selfish and using this app that you have provided to me for no cost.

    In fact, to show my point, instead of spending a few minutes making another person’s day a little brighter, I decided to write this post instead, complaining about how awful it is that you have taken time from your job and life to give me something that makes makes my day just a little bit brighter…

    • Fred says:

      This is kind of really sad. Agree or disagree, no one should get so worked up over something so minor.

      • Fred says:

        Unless this is very esoteric sarcasm, which I kind of get the feeling it might

        • Zach says:

          Haha, the sarcasm was meant to come off pretty heavy. I’ve never seen so many people complaining and whining about something so silly!

  10. Slap says:

    LOL. People crying over this.
    I’m all for this, and I totally respect this action. I’m already super thankful this extension exists (and is free!)

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