Additional Search Plugin for Bingo

  • Introduction

We developed a Swagbucks plugin for Bingo, but we have to disable it due to legal issues. Now, we provide you an additional search plugin, which allows you to send one more search request to any website you choose. Please do read the disclaimer below before using this plugin.

  • How to Use
  1. Enable it in the Bingo options page.1
  2. Set the search URL. Please do not include prefix http:// and suffix /?q=%s. For example, if you input and your search keyword is bingo, the search request URL generated will be, which will be accepted by most search engines.
  3. When you click Save for the first time, Chrome will ask you about permission. Because we cannot dynamically add a permission for a single website, we have to include all websites. However, we did our best to use as few permissions as possible, which is http://*/?q=*.
  4. Close the options page and begin searching.
  5. When you perform searching, you will notice nothing different. Unlike the Swagbucks plugin will notify you to input the verification code, this plugin will not. This plugin only sends requests to the URL you specified and does nothing more. Therefore, if the website you wish to send requests to have some mechanism that requires you to interact with it, this plugin will not work.
  • Disclaimer

This plugin is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. Use of this plugin is entirely at your own risk. We cannot take responsibility for any direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of this plugin. Please remember, your account may be banned due to using this plugin and all the rewards you got will be lost.

  • Conclusion

We are very sorry that we have to disable the Swagbucks plugin. We hope this new plugin meets the needs of you more or less. If you have any suggestions, please leave comments below. Thanks.

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6 Responses to Additional Search Plugin for Bingo

  1. Michael says:

    What was the legal issues with Swagbucks?? Hypothetically, couldn’t swagbucks search still be used as an additional search in the new plugin?

  2. Blake says:

    Does anyone have a list of which search sites will work with this new functionality. I think most require some action if you “win” similar to how it was with swagbucks.

    • Icyfish says:

      Due to legal issues, we do not provide Swagbucks plugin anymore. The new function works for any sites as long as it doesn’t require a CAPTCHA validation.

  3. Arian Marquardt says:

    will this plugin work with “” website?????????????

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