Use Localphone to Save on Both US and International Calls

Localphone is one of the cheapest international call companies in the world. Its low calling rate beats Skype, Rebtel, Google Voice and etc. At the mean time it provides high quality of voice service. In this article, we assume you are living in USA, but actually, you will still save a lot when in every corner of the world.

We will first teach you how to register and use basic functions on Localphone website, followed by two parts which tell you how to choose different Localphone service for different plans. In the first part, we assume you have an AT&T Mobile Share with Unlimited Talk & Text plan and introduce you how to use Local Numbers service. In the second part, we assume you have a T-Mobile Unlimited Web & Text with 100 Minutes Talk plan and introduce you how to use Internet Phone service. If you have any other plans, the idea is still the same. The rule is if you have more data in the plan, try to use Internet Phone service, otherwise use Local Numbers instead.

  • Part Zero

First, go to Localphone website and click Sign up on the top right corner. Fill in the form and create a free account. You will have a chance to make a free call so you can try it out before adding funds. Next, read either Part One or Part Two according to your plan.

  • Part One

If your plan includes unlimited talk, you don’t need Localphone to call domestic numbers. However, if you want to call international numbers, Localphone can help you save.

First, click Services under My Account and then click Local Numbers.

Then add your number in the Call from these phones section.

Under Settings, set Local numbers from to your area code. On the left side, add your contacts number.

For every contact you add, Localphone will generate a number starting with your area code. You can use your registered phone to dial this local number directly and it will be connected to your overseas destination. You may get the same local number as I do and Localphone will route your call to the right person by checking your incoming number, so remember to register your phone before calling these local numbers.

You may wonder what if you forgot to bring your registered phone and instead you are  standing in front of a payphone or have someone else’s phone in your hand when you want to call your overseas friends? Localphone gives you another way to call which is Calling Card service. Click Calling Card and change the location to where you are and Localphone will give you a local number to dial.

To make an international call, dial this number, enter your account number and enter your PIN if prompted, followed by the number you want to call.

  • Part Two

If your plan have more data, you may try to use Internet Phone service, which lets you make calls without using your airtime. Localphone provides software on major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux. Click Internet Phone and download for your platform. For Android and iPhone, you may download official software from Android Play and iTunes.

Your Internet Phone account is shown as follows, which is not the same as your Localphone account.

When you are not online, you may let Localphone to forward phone calls to your cell phone or voice mail. Set it in the Call forwarding section.

Localphone provides many other features we are not talking about here, but you definitely want to explore them later, including Dial Online and Incoming Numbers. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

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