Swagbucks Plugin for Bingo

  • Introduction

What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a search reward program which lets you win some Swagbucks (SB) when you search through their website. Unlike Bing Rewards which guarantees to give you one point every two searches, Swagbucks randomly gives you SB during your search. For most (85 percent) of the searches, you will get nothing. However, if you win by chance (we call it a hit), you will get about 10-20 SB immediately, or even more. Although the rewards are random and the chances are random, on average, there is a hit every 10 searches, which means, you are rewarded as much as from Bing.

Repeatedly searching will not increase your winning rate and Swagbucks use some special mechanism to generate random winners. Gathering tips and tricks from the web, we designed this plugin to optimize your search.

  • How to Use
  1. Enable it in the Bingo options page.
  2. Set the number of searches the plugin sends for you within a period of time. We suggest 15 times and 6 hours.

    If you do not win any SB in 15 searches, you are unlikely to get it even you search more within the six hours. Thus, the plugin will “rest” for a while and get back to work after 6 hours. In addition, if there is a hit, you will not get SB for you subsequent searches, so the plugin will also suspend for 6 hours.
  3. You do not need to click save buttons and it will be saved automatically when you change the value.
  4. Close the options page and begin searching.
  5. When you perform searching, you will notice nothing unless there is hit. When you win some SB, a new tab will be created and you have to enter the verification code to claim your SB. However, after you join in the rewards program for some time, they will not ask you to input the verification code any more and SB will be added into your account automatically.
  • Conclusion

On average, if lucky, You will win more than 40 SB a day. If not, you will get approximately 25 SB. This plugin is still under beta test. If you have any suggestions, please leave comments below. Thanks.

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